Mark Cayer of PI Service has given me invaluable help in both criminal and civil cases alike. His years as a law enforcement officer give him the expertise to investigate cases with painstaking thoroughness, but at the same time his friendly, low-key manner often enables him to get information from witnesses that earlier police interviews were unable to uncover. In criminal cases particularly, he invariably will point out to me mistakes and omissions in the police investigation which sometimes become invaluable to me at trial.

Woody Hanstein

Counselors at Law, Joyce, David, & Hanstein, P.A.

Mark, I really appreciate the thorough work you have done for my clients. I think your work this past month was the deciding factor in finally getting the evidence to support a stalking charge, and giving my clients the basis to seek protection from harassment. They are very grateful to you for helping to protect their family against further damage to their lives and home. You have also been a valuable resource in a number of cases, and I know I can rely on your discretion to keep your research and surveillance secret until we need you as a witness. Thanks for everything.

Thomas S. Dean

Practicing Attorney, Farmington, Maine